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Hot Water Heater Safety and Operation Tips from Simply Water Heaters

  1. Why Professional Installation is Important. Ensuring that you hire a qualified, licensed, trained, and insured water heater expert is critical to the ongoing success of your hot water heater. You need to make sure that all of the various connections are taken care of professionally. Take a look at this video to get a sense of why professional installation is so important.
  2. Emergency Shut Down Instructions. Make sure you know how to shut your water heater down in the event of an emergency. If you have a gas–fueled water heater, then you need to know exactly where your manual gas shut–off valve is, and shut it off in the event your unit is subjected to overheating, fire, flood, or physical damage. You should also know where the cold water supply shut–off valve is in the event of a major leak, so that you can control the amount of water that is supplied to the water heater.
  3. The Effects of High Water Pressure. Make sure that you know what your water pressure is. While low water pressure can be frustrating for showering and running the washing machine, high water pressure carries its own risks. High water pressure can cause additional wear and tear on your water heater, as well as leaks and potential system damages.
  4. Tankless Water Heater Pros and Cons. Tank water heaters have a cylindrical storage tank that holds anywhere from 30 to 80 gallons of water, depending on the size of your home or hot water needs. While it remains the standard by which others are measured, tankless systems offer a much greater energy efficiency rating because there is little to no standby energy loss. On the other hand, tankless systems tend to be less cost–effective than your average tank heater.
  5. Hot Water Recirculation System. A Grundfuss or Watts instant hot water recirculation system makes a great addition to any home with a tank water heater. This device eliminates the delay in waiting for hot water to arrive at your fixtures and faucets by recirculating the lukewarm and cold water in your hot water supply pipes back into the tank to keep it at your specified temperature. It’s a cost–effective upgrade that can save you substantial amounts on your water bill on an annual basis, in addition to improving the comfort of your home.
  6. Reasons to Consider a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). If your home has too much pressure from your municipal water supply, then your plumbing and water heater is at risk of additional wear and tear. A PRV is a great way to control this pressure, and allows you to create a consistent flow for your water supply that leads to your water heater and throughout the home. It needs to be correctly sized for your home, though, and you should always consult with one of our professional plumbers if you think your water pressure is too high.
  7. Scald Protection. You need to ensure that your water heater temperature is set correctly. Temperatures over 125 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to scalding. This is a very serious issue, so stay alert. Contact Simply Water Heaters if you’re concerned about the temperature of your hot water.
  8. Routine Maintenance and Your Water Heater. With professional installation, you can make sure that your water heater works as it should, and taking care of repair needs as they arise is also important. But routine professional maintenance is essential if you want your water heater to satisfy your hot water needs. During such maintenance, we perform a safety inspection, cleaning, and tune–up so that you can rest assured that your hot water will be there when you need it most.

The San Antonio water heater experts at Simply Water Heaters proudly serve Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Boerne and the surrounding areas.