How Do Plumbers Replace Leaky Pipes?

It’s often difficult to know that you have leaking pipes because the pipes are usually located behind building material like drywall and floorboards. You need to keep a sharp watch for signs of leaks, such as warped sections under the carpet, spots of discoloration on the wall, and increases in humidity.

But if leaking pipes are hard to reach, how to plumbers take care of replacing them? We’ll look at the process of pipe replacement that professional, skilled plumbers use when a customer has a household leak.

Because pipe replacement involves excavating through building material, you must rely on a San Antonio, TX plumber with expertise for this job, or else you might end up with extensive and ugly damage done to your home. Call up Simply Water Heaters, any time of the day of night, for service from plumbers with the training necessary to get the job done right.

Pipe Replacement

The first step in replacing a leaky pipe is for the plumbers to narrow down the area with the leak. After a visual inspection, they use leak detection equipment, such as listening devices and pressure sensors, to pinpoint the spot in the wall or ceiling closest to the leaking pipe section. If necessary, they will make use of video pipe inspection equipment. They will make sure they know exactly where to find the pipe they are replacing.

Next, the plumbers shut off the water and open up the tap nearest the pipe to completely drain it so there is no danger of making a mess from water flooding into your home.

To reach the pipe, the plumbers use precision instrument to dig through the drywall. (If you have pipes in the floors, the plumbers will attempt to access them from below through the drywall.) Where amateurs might use a hammer to crudely smash through the building material, professionals will instead use a drywall saw to cut out an area that fits exactly with the pipe for removal, limiting the damage to the wall to the smallest zone possible.

The plumbers then remove the leaking pipe section with wrenches and put in the replacement. They will already have a good idea of the size of pipe needed to fit into the spot, but will come with a variety of pipe options to make sure that the right one goes in. Once the pipe is securely in place, they turn the water back on to make sure there are no leaks from loose connections. To finish, they replace the drywall section and repair the damage to the wall so that it looks like it did before.

Call the Plumbing Experts

For a plumber in San Antonio, TX who can replace your leaking pipes fast and with minimum disruption to your home, call on Simply Water Heaters. We believe in nothing but 100% customer satisfaction.

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